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QM may refer to:
Qmusic (previously written as Q-music) is a Dutch commercial radio station which has been broadcasting since August 31, 2005. The station is owned by the Belgian media company De Persgroep.
qmail is a mail transfer agent (MTA) that runs on Unix. It was written, starting December 1995, by Daniel J.
QML (Qt Meta Language or Qt Modeling Language) is a user interface markup language. It is a JSON-like declarative language for designing user interface–centric applications.
Qmusic (formerly Q-music) is a Flemish commercial radio station of media company Medialaan. In 2016, Qmusic is the biggest commercial radio station and the third largest radio station in Flanders.
Qmillion (born Keith Lewis, in the US), is a record producer, mix engineer, composer, and writer based in Los Angeles.
QMobile (Urdu:کیو موبائل) is a Karachi based consumer electronics company which markets smartphones in Pakistan.
QMA and QN connectors are quick-connect RF connectors that were designed to replace the widely used SMA (used in low power transmissions; DC–18 GHz) and Type N (used in medium power transmissions; DC–11 GHz) connectors.
Qmodem was an MS-DOS shareware telecommunications program and terminal emulator. Qmodem was widely used to access bulletin boards in the 1980s and was well respected in the Bulletin Board System community.

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