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GMA News TV (previously known as QTV / Q) is a commercial broadcast television network in the Philippines that is owned by Citynet Network Marketing and Production Inc.
QTV may refer to:
GMA News TV (GNTV) (visually rendered in its logo in all capital letters) is a commercial broadcast television network in the Philippines.
QuickTime VR (also known as QTVR) is an image file format developed by Apple Inc. for QuickTime, and discontinued along with QuickTime 7. It allows the creation and viewing of VR photography, photographically-captured panoramas, and the exploration of objects through images taken at multiple viewing angles.
WDCQ-TV, virtual channel 19 (UHF digital channel 15), branded as Q-TV, is a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member television station licensed to Bad Axe, Michigan, United States and serving the Flint/Tri-Cities market.
BeritaSatu (formerly QTV and Q Channel and BeritaSatu TV) is an Indonesian talk channel that was BeritaSatu News Channel established in early 1998 by PT Jaring Data Interaktif.
ARY QTV (Urdu: COCOU ARY قرآن ‎) is a Pakistani television channel with a Sunni Islam religious focus, producing programs mainly focusing on the Ahle Sunnat Wa Jama'at school.
DZOE-TV, channel 11, is the flagship television property of ZOE Broadcasting Network. As part of a blocktime agreement, it serves as the flagship station of television network GMA News TV.
QTV (Qualification Test Vehicle) was the first test flight of the Apollo Little Joe II rocket. It was launched in August 1963.
The latest version of Qt is 5.12 LTS, which was released on 6 December 2018, and is supported for three years.

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