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QW may refer to:
QWERTY is a keyboard design for Latin-script alphabets. The name comes from the order of the first six keys on the top left letter row of the keyboard (Q W E R T Y).
The People's Republic of China-developed QW-1 Vanguard (Qian Wei in Chinese) is an all-aspect man-portable surface-to-air missile, from which a series of missiles were developed.
Qwest Communications International, Inc. was a large United States telecommunications carrier. Qwest provided local service in 14 western and midwestern U.S.
Qwest Corporation is a Bell Operating Company owned by CenturyLink. It was formerly named U S WEST Communications, Inc.
The QWERTZ or QWERTZU keyboard is a typewriter and keyboard layout widely used in Central Europe. The name comes from the first six letters at the top left of the keyboard: Q, W, E, R, T, and Z.
Qwanell Anthony Mosley (born September 29, 1988), better known as "Q", is an American singer who is best known for being a contestant, and winner on the hit TV show Making the Band 4. He was the youngest member of the group Day26 signed to Bad Boy Records, along with their former label members, Danity Kane and Donnie J.
Qwant is a French company that was founded by security specialist Éric Leandri, investor Jean Manuel Rozan and search-engine expert Patrick Constant in 2011. It launched its eponymous web search engine in July 2013. It claims not to employ user tracking, and it doesn't personalize search results in order to avoid trapping users in a filter bubble.
Qward is a fictional world existing within an anti-matter universe that is part of the DC Comics Universe.

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