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Ronen is a Hebrew surname and given name.
Ronen Bergman (Hebrew: רונן ברגמן‎; born June 16, 1972) is an Israeli investigative journalist and author.
Ronen Palan (born 21 March 1957) is an Israeli-born economist and Professor of International Political Economy in the Department of International Politics at the City University London.
Ronen Shilo (born May 1, 1958) is an Israeli entrepreneur and software engineer. He is the founder and CEO of Conduit, an online platform for publishers to create free mobile apps and loyalty programs.
Ronen Elimelech Altman Kaydar (Hebrew: רונן אלטמן קידר‎; born October 1, 1972) is an Israeli writer and poet.
Ronen Chen (Hebrew: רונן חן‎; born in 1965) is an Israeli fashion designer.According to Xnet, he is the most widely distributed and internationally known Israeli fashion designer.
Ronen Harazi (Hebrew: רונן חרזי‎) is a former Israeli footballer.
Ronen Shoval (Hebrew: רונן שובל‎, born 1980 in Ramat Hasharon) is an Israeli writer and Zionist-activist.

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