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The meaning of «rr»

RR or rr may refer to:
RRS Discovery was the last traditional wooden three-masted ship to be built in Britain. Designed for Antarctic research, it was launched as a Royal Research Ship (RRS) in 1901. Its first mission was the British National Antarctic Expedition, carrying Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton on their first, successful journey to the Antarctic, known as the Discovery Expedition.
RR Donnelley is a Fortune 500 integrated communications company that provides marketing and business communications, commercial printing, and related services.
RRS Sir David Attenborough is a research vessel owned by the Natural Environment Research Council, to be operated by the British Antarctic Survey for the purposes of both research and logistic support.
RRDtool (round-robin database tool) aims to handle time series data such as network bandwidth, temperatures or CPU load.
Rron Broja (born 9 April 1996) is a Kosovo Albanian professional footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for Macedonian club Shkupi.
RR Auction is an auction house headquartered in Boston’s North End with a production office based in Amherst, New Hampshire.

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