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The meaning of «rur»

The Rur (German; in Dutch Roer and French: la Roer) is a major river that flows through portions of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.
In general, a rural area or countryside is a geographic area that is located outside towns and cities.
Rural flight (or rural exodus) is the migratory pattern of peoples from rural areas into urban areas. It is urbanization seen from the rural perspective.
Rural poverty refers to poverty in rural areas, including factors of rural society, rural economy, and rural political systems that give rise to the poverty found there.
Rural school districts in Washington are administrative districts that provide educational services in rural areas of Washington state.
In medicine, rural health or rural medicine is the interdisciplinary study of health and health care delivery in rural environments.
Rural society in the People's Republic of China comprises less than a half of China's population (roughly 45%) and has a varied range of standard of living and means of living.
Rural tourism focuses on actively participating in a rural lifestyle. It can be a variant of ecotourism.

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