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Ríkisútvarpið (RÚV) (pronounced [ˈriːcɪsˌuːtvar̥pɪð] or [ˈruːv]) (English: 'The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service') is Iceland's national public-service broadcasting organization.
RuvB-like 2 (E. coli), also known as RUVBL2, is a human gene coding for a protein belonging to the AAA+ family of proteins.
RuvB-like 1 (E. coli), also known as RUVBL1 and TIP49, is a human gene. RUVBL1 can form a hexamer. The hexamer can form a dodecamer with RUVBL2 protein.
Ruvell Martin (born August 10, 1982) is a former American football wide receiver. He was signed as an undrafted free agent by the San Diego Chargers in 2004. He played college football at Saginaw Valley State.
Ruvo di Puglia is a town and comune in the Metropolitan City of Bari, Apulia, southern Italy, that is essentially devoted to agriculture, wine and olive growing.
Ruvuma Region is one of Tanzania's 31 administrative regions. The regional capital is the municipality of Songea.
Ruvuma River, formerly also known as the Rovuma River, is a river in the African Great Lakes region. During the greater part of its course, it forms the border between Tanzania and Mozambique (in Mozambique known as Rio Rovuma).
RuvABC is a complex of three proteins that mediate branch migration and resolve the Holliday junction created during homologous recombination in bacteria.
Ruvindu Gunasekera (born 20 July 1991) is a Sri Lankan-born cricketer who played One Day International cricket for Canada.
The Ruvaal, Rhuvaal, or Rubh'a' Mhàil Lighthouse is a listed 19th century lighthouse, located at the north-eastern end of the island of Islay, in the Inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland.

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