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PJSC Sberbank (Russian: Сбербанк, initially a contraction of "сберегательный банк" – sbyeryegatyelniy bank; English: "savings bank") is a state-owned Russian banking and financial services company headquartered in Moscow.
Sbeitla or Sufetula (Berber languages: Sbitla or Seftula, Arabic: سبيطلة‎ Sbaytlā) is a city in north-central Tunisia.
SBE is a privately held, lifestyle hospitality company that develops, manages and operates hotels, residences, restaurants and nightclubs.
SBENU (Korean: 스베누) was an athletic footwear and apparel company based in Seoul, South Korea. Founded on June 30, 2014, SBENU had opened more than 100 retail stores nationwide by 2015. SBENU also expanded its business by becoming a major sponsor of esports in South Korea; at its peak, SBENU was the main sponsor of the BroodWar Sonic league, the League of Legends Champions Korea league, the StarLeague and the Global StarCraft II League.
Sberbank Europe Group (Sberbank Europe AG) is a banking group headquartered in Vienna, Austria and is owned by Sberbank of Russia.
Sbectel (Welsh pronunciation: [ˈspɛktɛl]) is the name of S4C's former ancillary teletext service. It was named after the Welsh language S4C programme magazine called Sbec (Welsh for 'peek') which was originally a pull-out of the TV Times in the ITV Wales area.
Sbelsurd or Zbelsurd, (Zbelthiourdes, Zbelthourdos, Zbelsourdos, Zbeltiurdus, Svelsurdus) is a Thracian god of heaven, lightning and rain.
Homestar Runner is a Flash-animated surreal comedy web series created by Mike and Matt Chapman, also known as The Brothers Chaps.

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