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The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong (SBHK) (Chinese: 香港撒瑪利亞防止自殺會) is a non-government organisation. It is a local voluntary agency which provides counselling services to people with suicidal tendencies or behaviour.
SBHS may refer to:
Stibine (IUPAC name: stibane) is a chemical compound with the formula SbH3. A pnictogen hydride, this colourless gas is the principal covalent hydride of antimony, and a heavy analogue of ammonia.
Gustaf III Airport (IATA: SBH, ICAO: TFFJ), also known as Saint Barthélemy Airport, Rémy de Haenen Airport, sometimes as St.
Sphinganine C4-monooxygenase (EC, sphingolipid C4-hydroxylase, SUR2 (gene), SBH1 (gene), SBH2 (gene)) is an enzyme with systematic name sphinganine,NADPH:oxygen oxidoreductase (C4-hydroxylating).
SBH can refer to:
SBHC could refer to:
Subrahmanya Bhoothalingam OBE, IAS, ICS (22 February 1909 - 28 November 1990) was an Indian economist and civil servant who was instrumental in establishing India's steel industry.

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