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SBV Vitesse (Stichting Betaald Voetbal Vitesse), widely known as Vitesse Arnhem, or simply as Vitesse (Dutch pronunciation: [viˈtɛsə]), is a Dutch professional football club based in Arnhem (Gelderland).
S.B.V. Excelsior is a professional football club based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It was founded on 23 July 1902 and was formerly known as "Rotterdamse Voetbal en Atletiek Vereniging Excelsior" (Rotterdam Football and Athletics Union Excelsior).
Excelsior Barendrecht is a Dutch women's football team from Rotterdam which competes in the Eredivisie Vrouwen.
Swift Vets and POWs for Truth, formerly known as the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (SBVT), was a political group (527 group) of United States Swift boat veterans and former prisoners of war of the Vietnam War, formed during the 2004 presidential election campaign for the purpose of opposing John Kerry's candidacy for the presidency.
In mathematical analysis, a function of bounded variation, also known as BV function, is a real-valued function whose total variation is bounded (finite): the graph of a function having this property is well behaved in a precise sense.
Pentavalent antimonials (also abbreviated pentavalent Sb or SbV) are a group of compounds used for the treatment of leishmaniasis.
Shri Bhairavanath Vidya Mandir, Pabal (श्री भैरवनाथ विद्या मंदिर, पाबळ) is a high school established in 1956, in Pabal.
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