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Siqin Gaowa (ᠰᠡᠴᠡᠩᠭ᠋ᠣᠣ᠎ᠠ, Mongolian Cyrillic Цэцэнгуа, born 19 January 1950), born Duan Anlin, is a Chinese actress with a Han Chinese father and a Mongolian mother.
Siquirres is the third canton in the province of Limón in Costa Rica. The canton covers an area of 860.19 km², and has a population of 56,246. Its capital city is Siquirres.
Siquijor State College is the only state college in the island province of Siquijor in the Central Visayas Region, Philippines.
Siquisiquesuchus (meaning "Siquisique crocodile" after the town in Lara, Venezuela, near where the first described specimens were found) is an extinct genus of gavialoid crocodilian.
The Chiquitibum is a chant heard at Mexican sporting events. The Chiquitibum/Siquitibum cheer goes as follows: "Chiquitibum a la bim bom ba, chiquitiboom a la bim bom ba, a la bio, a la bao, a la bim bom ba, Mexico Mexico, Rah rah rah!!!" This most famous of Mexican cheers appeared at Mexican League and university soccer games during the late 1920s.
Nome (; Inupiaq: Siqnazuaq IPA: [siqnɐzuɑq]) is a city in the Nome Census Area in the Unorganized Borough of Alaska, United States.

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