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TJ may refer to:
TJ Maxx is an American department store chain, selling at prices generally lower than other major similar stores.
Tjaronn Inteff Chefren Chery (born 4 June 1988) is a Dutch footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Israeli club Maccabi Haifa.
Tjalie Robinson is the main alias of the Indo (Eurasian) intellectual and writer Jan Boon (born Nijmegen, 10 January 1911; died The Hague, 22 April 1974) also known as Vincent Mahieu.
The TJ Liner (TJライナー) is a limited-stop "Home Liner"-style service to and from Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo on the Tobu Tojo Line operated by the private railway operator Tobu Railway in Japan since June 2008.
Terrance John Cox (born July 18, 1963) is an American engineer, businessman, and politician serving as the U.S.
Terry Joseph Galiardi (born April 22, 1988) is a Canadian-born American former professional ice hockey forward.

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