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Tjaronn Inteff Chefren Chery (born 4 June 1988) is a Dutch footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Turkish club Kayserispor.
Tjalie Robinson is the main alias of the Indo (Eurasian) intellectual and writer Jan Boon (born Nijmegen, 10 January 1911; died The Hague, 22 April 1974) also known as Vincent Mahieu.
Tjaša Iris is a Slovenian-born artist, known for her photographs and large paintings painted with bright colors, vivid atmospheres of gardens with lush vegetation and bright light.
Tjalling Charles Koopmans (August 28, 1910 – February 26, 1985) was a Dutch American mathematician and economist.
Andre Tjay De Barr (born 13 March 2000) is a Gibraltar football player, who currently plays for Europa in the Gibraltar Premier Division, and the Gibraltar national football team.
Tjaarke Hendrika Maria Maas (26 October 1974 – 26 June 2004) was a Dutch painter, whose work had started to be discovered in late 1990s, attracting attention of the general public and the critics.
A Tjasker (Dutch: tjasker) is a type of small drainage windmill used in the Netherlands and Germany. There are 28 tjaskers remaining the Netherlands.
A Tjasker is a type of small drainage windmill used in the Netherlands and north Germany. There are seven tjaskers remaining in Overijssel, all located in the marshy region in the northwest corner of the province.

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