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Tjunkiya Napaltjarri (also known as Tjunkiya Kamayi, Tjungkiya, Tunkaii Napaltari, Kowai or Kamayi) (c.
TJU UAVs are Chinese unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) developed by Tianjin University (TJU). As an academic research and development establishment, TJU is only limited to the development of UAVs.
Tjurunga is also a genus of spiders (family Stiphidiidae)
The Tjurabalan (Jura-palan) is a nomadic desert tribe from the edge of the Tanami desert near Sturt Creek and The Paraku Lake system, Lake Gregory in Western Australia.
The Tjurkö Bracteates, listed by Rundata as DR BR75 and DR BR76, are two bracteates (medals or amulets) found on Tjurkö, Eastern Hundred, Blekinge, Sweden, bearing Elder Futhark runic inscriptions in Proto-Norse.
Tjuvjakt is a Swedish rap group from Lidingö, Stockholm. The group consists of members Fredrik "Woodz" Eriksson, Olle Grafström, Jesper Swärd, Arvid Lundquist and Kid Eriksson.
The Tjuroro, also known as the Jururu, were an indigenous Australian people of Western Australia.
Tjuyu (sometimes transliterated as Thuya or Thuyu) was an Egyptian noblewoman and the mother of queen Tiye, and the wife of Yuya.
Tjuvholmen is a neighborhood in the borough Majorstuen in Oslo, Norway. It is located on a peninsula sticking out from Aker Brygge into the Oslofjord.
Tjungkara Ken (born 1 October 1969) is an Australian Aboriginal artist from Amata, South Australia. She began painting in 1997, when Minymaku Arts was opened by the women of Amaṯa.

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