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TL or Tl may refer to:
TLC is an American basic cable and satellite television network that is owned by Discovery Communications.
"Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius" is a short story by the 20th-century Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. The story was first published in the Argentine journal Sur, May 1940. The "postscript" dated 1947 is intended to be anachronistic, set seven years in the future.
Tlalpan ( modern Nahuatl pronunciation )is one of the 16 administrative boroughs (called “delegaciones” in Spanish) of the Federal District of Mexico City.
The Tlingit language (English: , ; Tlingit: Lingít [ɬìnkít]) is spoken by the Tlingit people of Southeast Alaska and Western Canada.
TLC is the fifth and final studio album by American group TLC, released on June 30, 2017 by their newly formed label 852 Musiq.

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