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TM or Tm and variants may refer to:
TMZ is a tabloid news website that debuted on November 8, 2005. It was a collaboration between AOL and Telepictures Productions, a division of Warner Bros., until Time Warner divested AOL in 2009. The name TMZ stands for thirty-mile zone, the historic "studio zone" within a 30-mile (50 km) radius centered at the intersection of West Beverly Boulevard and North La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.
TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd. (株式会社トムス・エンタテインメント Kabushiki-gaisha Tomusu Entateinmento), formerly known as Tokyo Movie Shinsha (東京ムービー新社 Tōkyō Mūbī Shinsha), also known as Tokyo Movie (東京ムービー Tōkyō Mūbī) or TMS-Kyokuichi, is a Japanese animation studio founded in 1964.
TMRO (pronounced tomorrow, formerly known as Spacevidcast), is a network of live and on-demand HD webcasts about technology, science, space, and human society.
Transmembrane protein 171 (TMEM171) is a protein that in humans is encoded by the TMEM171 gene.
Transmembrane protein 126A is a mitochondrial transmembrane protein of unknown function coded for by the TMEM126A gene.A nonsense mutation in the TMEM126A gene has been shown to be related to optic atrophy.

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