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TNQ is an Australian television station, licensed to, and serving the regional areas of Queensland. The station is owned and operated by Southern Cross 10.

Southern Cross 10 in Queensland began in 1978 as North Queensland Television, a partnership between two regional stations:

In 1984 NQTV adopted a localised version of NBC's Just Watch Us Now theme and slogan, which had also been used by various metropolitan Seven Network stations the previous year. The station's The Place to Be slogan was used from the mid-1980s until 1993.

When aggregation was announced in the late 1980s, NQTV was planning to be the Nine Network affiliate for regional Queensland. NQTV had a write-in competition for their name and logo[citation needed]. The name QTV was chosen and because of the intended Nine affiliation, it adopted a logo with the Nine dots (similar to WIN and NBN's logos). Unfavourable viewer response forced the station to change logos within a few months. The station ran with a Nine-based identification package in the year leading up to aggregation.

However, the station faced a crisis in the days leading up to aggregation when WIN Television bought the Toowoomba and Rockhampton-based Star Television, and switched the affiliation from Ten to Nine, in line with WIN's NSW station. This meant that QTV had to change its logo and affiliation in a hurry. QTV picked up the vacant Ten affiliation, instead. The station originally broadcast a licence-wide one-hour news bulletin when Queensland was aggregated, but this was soon axed outside the North Queensland television market.

The station's owners, Telecasters North Queensland (later Telecasters Australia), joined the Ten Group Consortium in 1992–1993. This led to a change from QTV to Ten Queensland, and they began to use generic Ten branding.

In 2001, Telecasters was purchased by Southern Cross. In that same year, Ten Local News in North Queensland was axed (along with Ten Capital News in Canberra) and replaced with Ten News Brisbane – one of the many decisions which led to the local news inquiry by the ABA. In 2002, like the other Southern Cross-owned Ten affiliates, the station was rebranded to Southern Cross Ten.

On 1 July 2016, Southern Cross switched its primary affiliation from Network Ten to the Nine Network, TNQ's supposed affiliate for the region prior to aggregation. The Southern Cross Ten branding was retired and replaced by generic Nine branding.[1][2]

From the 1970s to late 1990s, the station maintained regional news coverage through its 5:30pm half-hour local news bulletin and, later, its 6pm one-hour news bulletin. In addition from the late 1970s the station produced its own 30-minute, weekly current affairs program Newsweek[3] and focus, the first live TV debate of its kind in North Queensland.[4] Both programs were founded and produced by the NQTV News Director, Rick Anderton, in Townsville.[5][6] Newsweek aired weekly for more than 10 years and became one of Australia's longest running current affairs shows of its time, winning over 16 national Thorn EMI awards for its contribution to current affairs journalism in Australia.[7]

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