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TAFE NSW is an Australian vocational education and training provider. Annually, the network trains over 500,000 students in campus, workplace, online, or distance education methods of education.
Tafers (French: Tavel) is a municipality in the district of Sense in the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland.
Tafelberg School is an English medium Grade 1–12 public school in Bothasig, Cape Town, South Africa which offers remedial activities for children with special learning needs.
Transcription factor EB is a protein that in humans is encoded by the TFEB gene.
Tefnut (Ancient Egyptian: tfnwt) is a deity of moisture, moist air, dew and rain in Ancient Egyptian religion.
Taffeta (; archaically spelled taffety) is a crisp, smooth, plain woven fabric made from silk or cuprammonium rayons as well as acetate and polyester.
Tufele Faatoia Liamatua, also spelled Tufele Li'amatua, (September 1940 – October 13, 2011) was an American Samoan politician, businessman and paramount chief.
Transcription factor E3 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the TFE3 gene.

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