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Tafl games (also known as hnefatafl games) are a family of ancient Nordic and Celtic strategy board games played on a checkered or latticed gameboard with two armies of uneven numbers.
Teflon Don is the fourth studio album by American rapper Rick Ross, released on July 20, 2010, on Maybach Music Group, Slip-n-Slide Records and Def Jam Recordings.
TfL Rail is the concession of two separate railway lines in London and its environs that will form part of the Crossrail service when it opens in stages.
Teflon Brothers is a hip hop and rap group from Helsinki, Finland. The band consists of Pyhimys, Heikki Kuula and Voli.
Tafluprost (trade names Taflotan by Santen Pharmaceutical and Zioptan by Merck in the US) is a prostaglandin analogue.
Akaateba Christopher Akanvarichaab, (Born July 18, 1995) known by the stage name Teflon Flexx, is a Ghanaian Hip Hop and Afro Pop recording artist from Ghana.
Tiflis Governorate (Old Russian: Тифлисская губернія; Georgian: ტფილისის გუბერნია) was one of the guberniyas of the Caucasus Viceroyalty of the Russian Empire with its centre in Tiflis (present-day Tbilisi, capital of Georgia).

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