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Toftir (Danish: Tofte) is a village in Nes Municipality on the island of Eysturoy, in the Faroe Islands.
A topological quantum field theory (or topological field theory or TQFT) is a quantum field theory which computes topological invariants.
In the field of composite materials, tufting is an experimental technology to locally reinforce continuous fibre-reinforced plastics along the z-direction, with the objective of enhancing the shear and delamination resistance of the structure.It consists of inserting a thread through a layered dry fabric, using a needle that, after insertion, moves back along the same trajectory leaving a loop of the thread on the bottom of the structure.
Tufting is a type of textile weaving in which a thread is inserted on a primary base.
Taftileh (Persian: تفتيله‎, also Romanized as Taftīleh and Teftīleh; also known as Tiftila and Tiftileh) is a village in Hoseynabad-e Shomali Rural District, Saral District, Divandarreh County, Kurdistan Province, Iran.
Tufti Mountain is a summit in Lane County, Oregon, in the United States with an elevation of 3,133 feet (955 m).Tufti was named in honor of a Native American (Indian) who lived near the site of Oakridge.
TéléDiffusion de France broadcast the TDF time signal, controlled by LNE–SYRTE, from the Allouis longwave transmitter at 162 kHz, with a power of 2 MW.It was also known as FI or France Inter because the signal was formerly best known for broadcasting the France Inter AM signal.
T4F – Time For Fun is a Brazilian entertainment company, being the third largest live entertainment company in Latin America and one of the largest in the world according to Billboard, T4F also won the Top International Promoter 2009 done by the Billboard Touring Awards.

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