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Toftir (Danish: Tofte) is a village in Nes Municipality on the island of Eysturoy, in the Faroe Islands.
A topological quantum field theory (or topological field theory or TQFT) is a quantum field theory which computes topological invariants.
In the field of composite materials, tufting is an experimental technology to locally reinforce continuous fibre-reinforced plastics along the z-direction, with the objective of enhancing the shear and delamination resistance of the structure.It consists of inserting a thread through a layered dry fabric, using a needle that, after insertion, moves back along the same trajectory leaving a loop of the thread on the bottom of the structure.
Tufting is a type of textile weaving in which a thread is inserted on a primary base.
Taftileh (Persian: تفتيله‎, also Romanized as Taftīleh and Teftīleh; also known as Tiftila and Tiftileh) is a village in Hoseynabad-e Shomali Rural District, Saral District, Divandarreh County, Kurdistan Province, Iran.
Tufti Mountain is a summit in Lane County, Oregon, in the United States with an elevation of 3,133 feet (955 m).Tufti was named in honor of a Native American (Indian) who lived near the site of Oakridge.
TéléDiffusion de France broadcast the TDF time signal, controlled by LNE–SYRTE, from the Allouis longwave transmitter at 162 kHz, with a power of 2 MW.It was also known as FI or France Inter because the signal was formerly best known for broadcasting the France Inter AM signal.
Taft (Persian: تفت‎) is a city in and the capital of Taft County, Yazd Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 15,329, in 4,265 families.

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