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Tofigh Mussivand (Lurish: Tufi Mussivend, Persian:توفیق موسیوند), born c. 1943 in Varkaneh, Hamadan Province, Iran) is an Iranian-Canadian medical engineer who invented an Artificial Cardiac Pump, a device that pumps blood and takes over the function of breathing during a heart surgery.
A topological quantum field theory (or topological field theory or TQFT) is a quantum field theory which computes topological invariants.
A QFP or Quad Flat Package is a surface-mounted integrated circuit package with "gull wing" leads extending from each of the four sides.
North Macedonia, officially the Republic of North Macedonia, is a country in the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe.
The Fine Young Capitalists is an organization that sponsored a video game design contest for women in 2014. They are primarily known for their involvement in the Gamergate controversy after users of the website 4chan provided significant financial support for the project.
Tafhian (Persian: تفهيان‎, also Romanized as Tafhīān; also known as Tafīhān, Tafīum, Tafyūn, and Tayūn) is a village in Bid Zard Rural District, in the Central District of Shiraz County, Fars Province, Iran.

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