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The Uposatha (Sanskrit: Upavasatha) is a Buddhist day of observance, in existence from the Buddha's time (600 BCE), and still being kept today in Buddhist countries.
Uuno (Kalervo) Klami (20 September 1900 – 29 May 1961) was a Finnish composer. He was born in Virolahti.
Uuno Kailas, born Frans Uno Salonen (29 March 1901 – 22 March 1933) was a Finnish poet, author, and translator.
Umpolung (German: [ˈʔʊmˌpoːlʊŋ]) or polarity inversion in organic chemistry is the chemical modification of a functional group with the aim of the reversal of polarity of that group.
Upon This Rock is the debut solo album by pioneering Christian rock musician Larry Norman, released in 1969. It is considered to be "the first full-blown Christian rock album" and was produced by Hal Yoergler.
Upon This Dawning was an Italian metalcore band from Brescia, founded in 2007. They have released one EP and three studio albums.
UnPop Montreal is an annual music festival in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The festival typically occurs at the end of August or early September.

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