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Uzlovaya (Russian: Узлова́я) is a town and the administrative center of Uzlovsky District in Tula Oblast, Russia.
Uzlovsky District (Russian: Узло́вский райо́н) is an administrative district (raion), one of the twenty-three in Tula Oblast, Russia.
'Uzlah (Arabic: عزلة‎ ,plural 'Uzaal ; Arabic: عزل) is one of the regional administrative divisions that are native to Yemen.
Uzla is a village in Pınarbaşı district of Kastamonu Province, Turkey.
Uzliany (Belarusian: Узля́ны, Вузля́ны; Russian: Узляны Uzlyany), also known as Uzlany, is a town in Belarus near Minsk (Puchavičy District of Minsk Region).
Nodal module "Prichal" also known as Uzlovoy Module or UM (Russian: Узловой Модуль "Причал", Nodal Module Berth) is a Russian spacecraft which will form part of the International Space Station (ISS), and later, when the ISS program is closed, the proposed Russian OPSEK space station.
Uzlomac is a long mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia), east from line direction Maslovare – Vrbanjci – Kotor Varoš – Čelinac.
Murighiol (Independența from 1983 to 1996) is a commune in Tulcea County, Dobruja, Romania. It is composed of seven villаges:
Oslip (Hungarian: Oszlop, Croatian: Uzlop) is a town in Burgenland, Austria, known for its viticulture.
Ivan Gerasimovich Uzlov (Russian: Иван Герасимович Узлов, Ukrainian; Іван Герасмович Узлов; born 14 August 1923) is a Soviet scientist and metallurgist.

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