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The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW, or simply Veterans of Foreign Wars) is an American war veterans organization headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri.
The VFW-Fokker 614 (also VFW 614) was a twin-engined jetliner designed and constructed by West German aviation company VFW-Fokker.
The VFW VAK 191B is an experimental German vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) strike fighter of the early 1970s.
The VFW-Fokker H3 Sprinter was a single-engined experimental rotorcraft designed and built in West Germany.
Verein für Leibesübungen Wolfsburg e. V., commonly known as VfL Wolfsburg (pronounced [faʊ̯ ʔɛf ʔɛl ˈvɔlfsbʊʁk]) or Wolfsburg, is a German sports club based in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony.
VFW-Fokker GmbH was a joint venture of Fokker and Vereinigte Flugtechnische Werke (VFW) started in 1969 that, from then on, controlled the ERNO initiative.
The C programming language provides many standard library functions for file input and output. These functions make up the bulk of the C standard library header .
Video for Windows (VfW) is a multimedia framework developed by Microsoft that allows Windows to play and encode digital video.
The Sport Clips Haircuts VFW 200 is a NASCAR Xfinity Series race that takes place at Darlington Raceway, it is held the day before the Bojangles Southern 500, the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race.

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