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A variable refresh rate (VRR) is the general term for a dynamic display refresh rate that can continuously and seamlessly vary on the fly, on displays that support variable refresh rate technologies.
Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor is the fifth solo studio album by Rob Zombie. The album was released on April 23, 2013, four days after the release of Zombie's film The Lords of Salem.
VRR may refer to:
The Vandalia Railroad (reporting mark VRRC) is a shortline railroad subsidiary of Pioneer Railcorp, providing local service from a CSX Transportation connection in Vandalia, Illinois.
Vokkaliga Ramachandra Raghunath (born 1 November 1988) is a former Indian professional field hockey player.
Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Vasantha R. Raghavan is one of India’s leading military strategic thinkers. He served in the Indian Army for 37 years and retired as the director general of military operations in 1994. After retirement from the army, he has written several books and is currently the director of the Delhi Policy Group and president of the Centre for Security Analysis, Chennai.

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