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WAKC (102.3 FM) is an American licensed radio station in Concord, New Hampshire. The station is owned by the Educational Media Foundation and is part of its K-Love network of contemporary Christian music outlets.

The station began operations March 7, 1972[2] as WKXL-FM, the FM sister station to WKXL (1450 AM), under the ownership of Frank Estes, who also owned WKXR in Exeter, New Hampshire.[3] In 1980, Estes sold the WKXL stations to a group of station employees.

The 102.3 FM signal was largely a repeater of the 1450 AM broadcast until 1986 when the owners launched a "light alternative" adult album alternative format[4] named "The Music Zone." The format was led by Program Director Renee Blake, Production Director Taft Moore, on-air talent including Dave Doud, Julia Figueras, Norm Beeker, and Jay Dreves,[5] and featured artists such as The Cure, Poi Dog Pondering, 10,000 Maniacs, The Pixies, The Call, and U2.[6] The Music Zone format continued until 1991 when financial pressures returned the FM signal to a simulcast of the AM broadcast.[7]

In 1999, the employee group sold the WKXL stations to Vox Media,[8] who, after buying WRCI (107.7 FM) in nearby Hillsborough several months later, shifted the simulcast to that station;[9] as a result, on January 3, 2000, the station returned to separate programming as a country station, WOTX-FM ("Outlaw Country").[10]

In 2004, Vox sold most of its stations in the area to Nassau Broadcasting Partners;[11] however, Nassau could not buy WOTX outright due to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ownership restrictions.[12] Nassau did take control of the station under a local marketing agreement,[12] and on February 7, 2005 swapped formats with WNHI (93.3 FM) and became a classic rock station as WWHK ("102.3 The Hawk"), in tandem with a nearby Nassau classic rock station, WWHQ (101.5 FM) in Meredith, New Hampshire.[13]

WWHK had planned to drop the classic rock format in favor of sports talk provided by Boston's WEEI in January 2008,[14] but the deal between Nassau and Entercom ended up collapsing.[15] In March 2008, the station shifted from classic rock to a more mainstream rock format.

However, in September 2006, the FCC ruled that local marketing agreements and joint sales agreements counted towards the operator's ownership count in a market.[16] Initially, Nassau continued to operate WWHK in violation of this ruling as it attempted to obtain a waiver to buy WWHK outright, but the FCC ruled in April 2008 that Nassau had worked with Arbitron to create a Concord radio market, and barred its purchase of WWHK.[12] Four months later, the FCC ordered Nassau to terminate the joint sales agreement with Capitol Broadcasting (the Vox Media subsidiary that continued to hold the WWHK license while Nassau ran the station).[16] Nassau complied, and on August 22, 2008, Vox reassumed control of the station with a commercial-free rock format.[17] The station switched to classical music in September 2008;[18] soon afterwards, the station went silent.[19]

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