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WB, Wb, or wb may refer to:
WBMA-LD, virtual channel 58 (UHF digital channel 40), is an ABC-affiliated television station licensed to Birmingham, Alabama, United States.
WBBM-TV, virtual channel 2 (VHF digital channel 12), is a CBS owned-and-operated television station licensed to Chicago, Illinois, United States.
WBRU is an internet radio station based in Providence, Rhode Island. The station is owned and operated by Brown Broadcasting Services, an independent non-profit organization, and is primarily staffed by students from Brown University.
WBMP (92.3 MHz) – branded as 92.3 AMP Radio – is an American FM radio station licensed to New York City.
WBBZ-TV, virtual channel 67 (VHF digital channel 7), is a MeTV-affiliated television station serving Buffalo, New York, United States that is licensed to Springville.
WBRC, virtual channel 6 (UHF digital channel 50), is a Fox-affiliated television station licensed to Birmingham, Alabama, United States.

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