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WN may refer to:
WNBC, virtual channel 4 (digital channel 36 (sharing with WNJU) transmitting from One World Trade Center), is the flagship station of the NBC television network, licensed to New York City and serving the New York City metropolitan area.
WNYW, channel 5 (UHF digital channel 44), is the flagship station of the Fox Television Network, licensed to New York City and serving the New York City metropolitan area.
WNEP-TV, virtual channel 16 (UHF digital channel 50), is a television station licensed to Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States, serving as the ABC affiliate for the Scranton–Wilkes-Barre television market.
WNEW-FM (102.7 FM, "Fresh 102.7") is a New York City hot adult contemporary radio station owned and operated by Entercom.
WNKY is a dual NBC/CBS-affiliated television station licensed to Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States and serving South Central Kentucky.
WNTZ-TV is a Fox-affiliated television station serving Alexandria, Louisiana, United States. It is licensed to Natchez, Mississippi, which is technically part of the Jackson, Mississippi television market.
WNYC is the trademark, and a set of call letters shared by a pair of non-profit, noncommercial, public radio stations located in New York City and owned by New York Public Radio, a nonprofit organization that did business as WNYC RADIO until March 2013.

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