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WXQW (660 kHz) is an AM talk radio station licensed to Fairhope, Alabama and serving the Mobile metropolitan area.
WXQR-FM (105.5 MHz) is eastern North Carolina's oldest rock radio station. Originally based in Jacksonville, North Carolina, the station is now headquartered in New Bern.
WNKL (96.9 FM) is a radio station licensed to Wauseon, Ohio. Currently WNKL is simulcasting K-LOVE, a Contemporary Christian radio network based in Rocklin, California.
WXYZ-TV, virtual channel 7 (UHF digital channel 41), is an ABC-affiliated television station licensed to Detroit, Michigan, United States.
wxWidgets ( "wix-widgets", formerly wxWindows) is a widget toolkit and tools library for creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for cross-platform applications.
WXIN, virtual channel 59 (UHF digital channel 45), is a Fox-affiliated television station licensed to Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.
WXTB (97.9 FM) – branded 98 Rock – is a commercial active rock radio station licensed to Clearwater, Florida, serving the Tampa Bay Area.
WXIA-TV, virtual channel 11 (VHF digital channel 10), is an NBC-affiliated television station licensed to Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
WXPN (88.5 FM) is a non-commercial, public FM radio station licensed to The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that broadcasts an adult album alternative (AAA) radio format, along with many other format shows.
WXIX-TV, virtual channel 19 (UHF digital channel 29), is a Fox-affiliated television station serving Cincinnati, Ohio, United States that is licensed to Newport, Kentucky (as such, it is the only commercial television station to be licensed to a community on the Kentucky side of the market).

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