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WXTB (97.9 FM) – branded 98 Rock – is a commercial active rock radio station licensed to Clearwater, Florida, serving the Tampa Bay Area.
WXTV-DT, channel 41, is the east coast flagship station of the Spanish language television network Univision, licensed to Paterson, New Jersey, USA and serving the New York City metropolitan area.
WXTU (92.5 FM, "92-5 XTU") is a commercial FM radio station in Philadelphia. WXTU is owned by CBS Radio with studios and offices in the "555 Building" on East City Avenue in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.
WXTP (106.7 FM) is an FM radio station licensed to North Windham, Maine, serving the Portland area from studios in Freeport.
WXTX is the Fox-affiliated television station for the Chattahoochee Valley of west-central Georgia and east-central Alabama in the United States.
WXTZ 87.9 Norwich was a non-profit, community based Part 15 FM radio station located in Southeastern Connecticut and served the Norwich, Connecticut listening area.
WXTA (97.9 FM) is a commercial radio station located in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, broadcasting to the Erie, Pennsylvania, area.

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