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WZCY-FM (93.5 FM, "Nash 93.5 FM") is a commercial FM radio station licensed to serve Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.
WZCB (106.7 FM) — branded as 106.7 The Beat — is a commercial mainstream urban radio station in Columbus, Ohio currently owned by iHeartMedia.
WZCH (102.5 FM) is a radio station that is an affiliation of K-LOVE. The station is owned by Educational Media Foundation.
WZCK-LD is a low-power digital television station in the Madison, Wisconsin area, and officially twin-licensed to both Madison and Middleton.
WZCT (1330 AM, "Southern Gospel Z-13") is a radio station licensed to serve Scottsboro, Alabama. The station is owned by Bonner and Carlile Enterprises.
WZCL-LP (98.1 FM, Club Radio) is a radio station broadcasting an Adult Contemporary/News Talk format. Licensed to Cabo Rojo-Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, the station serves the western Puerto Rico area.
WBOJ (1270 AM) is a radio station licensed to Columbus, Georgia, serving the Columbus area. The station is currently owned by PMB Broadcasting.

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