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WZRC, known on-air as "AM1480" (simplified Chinese: 中文广播电台; traditional Chinese: 中文廣播電臺; pinyin: Zhōngwén Guǎngbò Diàntái; Jyutping: Zung1 Man4 Gwong2 Bo3 Din6 Toi4), is a radio station licensed to New York City.
WZOC (94.3 FM, "Z94-3") is a radio station licensed to Plymouth, Indiana, serving Michiana and the South Bend area.
WZGC FM ("92.9 The Game") is a sports talk radio station owned by Entercom. It shares studios with the other two sister stations at Colony Square in Midtown Atlanta and has a transmitter in unincorporated DeKalb County west of Emory University.
WZCY-FM (93.5 FM, "Nash 93.5 FM") is a commercial FM radio station licensed to serve Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.
WBQC-LD, virtual channels 25 and 20 (UHF digital channel 20), branded as WKRP-TV, is a low-powered television station with multiple affiliations that is licensed to Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.
WZCB (106.7 FM) — branded as 106.7 The Beat — is a commercial mainstream urban radio station in Columbus, Ohio currently owned by iHeartMedia.

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