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WSBF-FM (88.1 FM) is a college radio station licensed to Clemson, South Carolina. The station is owned by the Clemson University Board of Trustees and serves the Clemson University community.
WNBT-FM (104.5 FM) and WZBF (96.9 FM), "Bigfoot Country 96 - 104 - 107") are a pair of radio stations broadcasting a country music format.
WSB-FM (98.5 MHz "B98.5") is a commercial radio station in Atlanta, Georgia. It carries an adult contemporary radio format and is owned by the Cox Media Group, a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, serving as the group's flagship FM station.
WUSB (90.1 FM) is a non-commercial radio station licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to Stony Brook, New York.
WOSU (89.7 FM) — branded 89.7fm NPR News — is a National Public Radio news and talk radio station licensed to Columbus, Ohio and serving the Columbus metro area.
WLSE is a Christian radio station licensed to Canton, Illinois, broadcasting on 103.3 MHz FM. It is owned by Canton Seventh-day Adventist Church.
WCSB (89.3 FM) – branded WCSB 89.3 – is a non-commercial educational college/variety radio station licensed to Cleveland, Ohio.
WSSB-FM (90.3 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a jazz format. Licensed to Orangeburg, South Carolina, United States.
WZBF may refer to:
WBST (92.1 FM) is a National Public Radio-affiliated station in Muncie, Indiana. Studios and offices are located at Ball State University.

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