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The Xbox One is an eighth-generation home video game console that was developed by Microsoft. Announced in May 2013, it is the successor to Xbox 360 and the third console in the Xbox brand.
XBin, or eXtended Binary, is a file format for saving IBM PC text mode images.
Xubuntu () is a Canonical Ltd.–recognized, community-maintained derivative of the Ubuntu operating system.
This glossary of astronomy is a list of definitions of terms and concepts relevant to astronomy and cosmology, their sub-disciplines, and related fields.
X band or SHF Satellite Communication is widely used by military forces for beyond line of sight communications.
The X band is the designation for a band of frequencies in the microwave radio region of the electromagnetic spectrum.
XHQN-FM is a radio station on 105.9 FM in Torreón, Coahuila. The station is owned by Radio Fórmula and carries its Radio Fórmula news/talk format.
The XBQM-108A was an experimental VTOL unmanned aerial vehicle developed by the United States Navy during the 1970s.

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