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YG and variants may refer to:
YG Entertainment Inc. (Korean: YG 엔터테인먼트) is a South Korean entertainment company established in 1996 by Yang Hyun-suk.
Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson (born March 9, 1990), known professionally as YG, is an American rapper from Compton, California.
Yggdrasil (/ˈɪɡdrəsɪl/ or /ˈɪɡdrəzɪl/; from Old Norse Yggdrasill, pronounced [ˈyɡːˌdrasilː]) is an immense mythical tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology.
Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone is a tactical role-playing game for the Game Boy Advance and PlayStation Portable, developed by Sting Entertainment as the second episode of the Dept.
This is a list of albums released under YG Entertainment.
Yggdra Unison is a real-time strategy game for the cellular phone and Nintendo DS, developed by Sting Entertainment as a "fandisc"-type spinoff to Yggdra Union.
YGKPlus (Korean: 케이플러스) is a model management company established by fashion model-turned-CEO Go Eun Kyung.
Ygritte is a fictional character in the A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels by American author George R. R.

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