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Yizheng (simplified Chinese: 仪征; traditional Chinese: 儀征; pinyin: Yízhēng) is a county-level city under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, China, with a population of about 600,000 (2007).
Yizo Yizo is a South African television drama series which aired from 1999 to 2004 on SABC 1.
Yizzy (born 30 December 1999) is an English grime MC. In 2017, Yizzy released his debut EP This Is Life.
Yizhar Hirschfeld (1950 – 16 November 2006) was an Israeli archaeologist studying Greco-Roman and Byzantine archaeology.
Yizhang County (simplified Chinese: 宜章县; traditional Chinese: 宜章縣; pinyin: Yízhāng Xiàn) is a county in Hunan Province, China, it is under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Chenzhou.
Yizhi Jane Tao, Ph.D., is a Chinese biochemist, structural biologist, and Professor of Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Rice University in Houston, Texas.
Dr. Yizhar Hess (born July 5, 1967) is the Executive Director and CEO of the Conservative Judaism movement in Israel, also known as Masorti.
For the ancient, Biblical city, see Jezreel (city); for the valley, see Jezreel Valley.
Yizhi capsule (YZC) is a type of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) developed for treating vascular dementia.

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