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YJ or yJ may refer to:
The YJ-12 (Chinese: 鹰击-12; pinyin: yingji-12; literally: "eagle strike 12") is a Chinese supersonic anti-ship cruise missile.
The YJ-62 (Chinese: 鹰击-62; pinyin: yingji-62; literally: "eagle strike 62") is a Chinese subsonic anti-ship cruise missile.
The YJ-83 (Chinese: 鹰击-83; pinyin: yingji-83; literally: "eagle strike 83") is a Chinese subsonic anti-ship cruise missile.
The YJ-18 (Chinese: 鹰击-18; pinyin: yingji-18; literally: "eagle strike 18", NATO designation CH-SS-NX-13) is a Chinese family of anti-ship and land attack cruise missiles.
YJ-91 is the Chinese version of the Kh-31. YJ is short for Ying Ji (Yingji, 鹰击) meaning eagle strike. After purchasing 200 Kh-31Ps from Russia, China decided to develop its own version, because the original Kh-31 missile did not fully satisfy Chinese requirements.
YJV is the first extended play and third overall release by Filipino artist Young JV, released on June 15, 2015, under Star Records.

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