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Youth and Government (Y&G), also known as YMCA Youth In Government or YMCA Model Legislature and Court (MLC), is a YMCA program in the United States that allows high school students to serve in model governments at the local, state, national, and international levels.The YMCA Youth and Government program currently operates in 38 states and Washington, DC.
YMCA Philadelphia, also the Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA was founded on June 15, 1854 by George H.
YMCA Camp Warren is an overnight, single-gender summer camp located on Half Moon Lake by Eveleth, Minnesota.
YMCA Camp Fitch is a year-round camp in North Springfield, Pennsylvania, owned and operated by the YMCA of Youngstown, Ohio.
YMCA Wanakita is a camp located on Koshlong Lake near Haliburton in central Ontario, Canada. It is run by the YMCA of Hamilton, Burlington and Brantford and attracts campers from throughout Ontario and sometimes internationally.
The YMCA NSW Youth Parliament is an apolitical YMCA Youth Parliament program coordinated by the YMCA NSW, and acts as a platform for youth advocacy for 15- to 18-year-olds.
YMC Entertainment (Hangul: YMC 엔터테인먼트) is a South Korean entertainment company established in 2010 by Cho Yoo-myung, the eldest son of trot singer Tae Jin-ah.

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