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There have been various families of Yamaha audio controllers labelled as YMF7xx.
The Yamaha YMF262, also known as the OPL3 (OPL is an acronym for FM Operator Type-L), is an FM synthesis sound chip released by Yamaha Corporation in early 1990s.
The Inner City Broadcasting Corporation ("ICBC") was an American media company based in New York City.
The Yamaha YMF278B, also known as the OPL4 (OPL is an acronym for FM Operator Type-L), is a sound chip that incorporates both FM synthesis and sample-based synthesis (often incorrectly called "wavetable synthesis").
The YMF292, aka SCSP (Saturn Custom Sound Processor) is a multi-function sound chip developed by Yamaha for the Sega Saturn, and was also used in Sega's arcade version of the Saturn, the ST-V, along with the Model 2 and Model 3.
YMFC may refer to:
Youth and Government (Y&G), also known as YMCA Youth In Government or YMCA Model Legislature and Court (MLC), is a YMCA program in the United States that allows high school students to serve in model governments at the local, state, national, and international levels.The YMCA Youth and Government program currently operates in 38 states and Washington, DC.
Yma Sumac (; September 10, 1923 – November 1, 2008), was a Peruvian–American coloratura soprano. In the 1950s, she was one of the most famous exponents of exotica music.

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