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Ymobile Corporation (ワイモバイル株式会社), stylized Y!mobile, is a subsidiary of Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank Group Corporation that provides mobile telecommunications and ADSL services.
YMODEM is a file transfer protocol used between microcomputers connected together using modems. YMODEM was developed by Chuck Forsberg as the successor to XMODEM and MODEM7, and was first implemented in his CP/M YAM program.
Yemoja (Yoruba: Yemọja) is a major water deity from the Yoruba religion. She is an orisha and the mother of all orishas, having given birth to the 14 Yoruba gods and goddesses.
YMO Versus The Human League is an EP released in Japan and Asia in April 1993. It was released by Alfa Records and is a collaboration between Japanese electropop/synthpop band Yellow Magic Orchestra and British new wave/synthpop band The Human League.
Ymonville is a commune in the Eure-et-Loir department in northern France.
Hitoshi Sakimoto (崎元 仁, Sakimoto Hitoshi, born February 26, 1969) is a Japanese video game music composer and arranger.
YMO may refer to:
Moree Airport (IATA: MRZ, ICAO: YMOR) is an airport in Moree, New South Wales, Australia. The airport is 5 km (3.1 mi) from the city center.
Mount Magnet Airport (IATA: MMG, ICAO: YMOG) is an airport at Mount Magnet, Western Australia. The airport received over $400,000 for security updates in 2006. The funds are allocated for a secure baggage area, fencing, lighting, and connecting the airport to the Mt Magnet power Power grid.

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