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YT, Yt or yt may refer to:
YTV is a Canadian English-language Category A cable and satellite television specialty channel that is owned by Corus Entertainment.
ytmnd, an acronym for "You're the Man Now, Dog", is an online community centered on the creation of hosted memetic web pages (known within the community as fads, YTMNDs or sites) featuring a juxtaposition of an image (still or short animation) centered or tiled along with optional large zooming text and a looping sound file.
YTL Corporation Berhad (MYX: 4677, TYO: 1773) is a Malaysian infrastructure conglomerate, founded in 1955 by Yeoh Tiong Lay, after whom the group is named.
Yttrium aluminium garnet (YAG, Y3Al5O12) is a synthetic crystalline material of the garnet group. It is also one of three phases of the yttrium-aluminium composite, the other two being yttrium aluminium monoclinic (YAM, Y4Al2O9) and yttrium aluminium perovskite (YAP, YAlO3).
Yttrium barium copper oxide (YBCO) is a family of crystalline chemical compounds, famous for displaying high-temperature superconductivity.
The YTO Group Corporation is a Chinese agriculture and construction machinery manufacturer that is part of Sinomach, a comprehensive machinery conglomerate.
Yttrium boride refers to a crystalline material composed of different proportions of yttrium and boron, such as YB2, YB4, YB6, YB12, YB25, YB50 and YB66. They are all gray-colored, hard solids having high melting temperatures.

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