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YX may refer to:
Yxng Bane, (pronounced "young bane"), (born 12 April 1996) is an English singer and rapper, from East London.
Yxta Maya Murray is an American Latina novelist and professor at Loyola Marymount School of Law.
YX Energi, formerly known as Hydro Texaco, is a Norwegian and Danish gas station chain formed after the merge of the Hydro and Texaco gas station chains in 1995. In 2006 the company was bought by Reitangruppen and incorporated into their chain including the implementation of 7-Eleven brand on the service stations.
Yxsmedsgränd is an alley in Gamla stan, the old town in central Stockholm, Sweden.
Yxaiio pheromones - the aphrodisiac drink ('Yxaiio' for short) is a drink from the Austrian company Yxaiio GmbH.
This is a list of digraphs used in various Latin alphabets. Capitalization involves only the first letter (ch becomes Ch) unless otherwise stated (ij becomes IJ).
Yxygodes is a genus of snout moths from Madagascar.

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