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ZB or Zb may refer to:
Zbigniew Kazimierz "Zbig" Brzezinski (; Polish: [ˈzbʲiɡɲɛf kaˈʑimʲɛʐ bʐɛˈʑiɲskʲi] ( listen); March 28, 1928 – May 26, 2017) was a Polish-American diplomat and political scientist.
Zbigniew Rybczyński (Polish: [ˈzbiɡɲɛf rɨpˈt͡ʂɨɲskʲi]; born January 27, 1949) is a Polish filmmaker, director, cinematographer, screenwriter, creator of experimental animated films and multimedia artist who has won numerous prestigious industry awards both in the United States and internationally including the 1982 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film for Tango.
Zbigniew Kruszyński (born 14 October 1960 in Tczew), commonly known as Detsi Kruszyński or Detzi Kruszyński, is a retired Polish-German football midfielder, who was also adept in defence and attack.
Zbigniew (also known as Zbygniew; ca. 1073 – 8 July 1113?), was a Prince of Poland (in Greater Poland, Kuyavia and Masovia) during 1102-1107. He was first-born son of Władysław I Herman and probably Przecława, a member of the Prawdzic family.
Zbigniew Preisner (Polish: [ˈzbiɡɲɛf ˈpɾajsnɛɾ]; born 20 May 1955 as Zbigniew Antoni Kowalski) is a Polish film score composer, best known for his work with film director Krzysztof Kieślowski.
The ZB vz. 26 was a Czechoslovak light machine gun developed in the 1920s, which went on to enter service with several countries.
The Zbrašov aragonite caves are a protected area in the district of Přerov, Czech Republic, that were proclaimed as a National Natural Landmark (Národní přírodní památka or NPP) to protect important hydrothermal karst areas of Europe.

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