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ZG, Zg, or zg may refer to:
The Zgharta Liberation Army or Zghartawi Liberation Army – ZLA (in French: Armée de Liberation de Zgharta – ALZ) was the paramilitary branch of the Lebanese Marada Movement during the Lebanese Civil War.
Zgorzelec [zɡɔˈʐɛlɛt͡s] (German: Görlitz, Upper Sorbian: Zhorjelc) is a town in south-western Poland with 32,322 inhabitants (2012).
Zgharta District (Arabic: زغرتا‎‎) is a district (qadaa) of the North Governorate, northern Lebanon. It's capital is the city of Zgharta.
Zgharta, or Zghorta (Arabic: زغرتا‎‎) is a city in North Lebanon, with an estimated population of around 95,000. It is the second biggest city in Northern Lebanon after Tripoli.
The Zgoda labour camp (Polish pronunciation: [ˈzɡɔda]) was a concentration camp for Silesians, Germans, and Poles, set up in February 1945 by the Soviet NKVD in Zgoda district of Świętochłowice, Silesia.
Zgornje Gameljne (pronounced [ˈzɡoːɾnjɛ ˈɡaːməlnɛ]; German: Obergamling) is a settlement north of the capital Ljubljana in central Slovenia.
ZGF Architects LLP (ZGF), formerly Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership, is an American architectural firm with offices in Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Los Angeles, California; Washington D.C.; New York, New York; and, as ZGF Cotter Architects Inc., in Vancouver, Canada.
The ZG convoys were a series of Caribbean convoys which ran during the Battle of the Atlantic in World War II.
Zgornja Slivnica (pronounced [ˈzɡoːɾnja ˈsliːu̯nitsa]; in older sources also Gorenja Slivnica, German: Oberschleinitz or Ober Schleinitz) is a settlement in the Municipality of Grosuplje in central Slovenia.

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