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ZG, Zg, or zg may refer to:
The Zgharta Liberation Army or Zghartawi Liberation Army – ZLA (in French: Armée de Liberation de Zgharta – ALZ) was the party militia of the Lebanese Marada Movement during the Lebanese Civil War.
Zgorzelec [zɡɔˈʐɛlɛt͡s] (German: Görlitz, Upper Sorbian: Zhorjelc) is a town in south-western Poland with 32,322 inhabitants (2012).
Zgharta, or Zghorta (Arabic: زغرتا‎‎) is a city in North Lebanon, with an estimated population of around 95,000. It is the second biggest city in Northern Lebanon after Tripoli.
Zgharta District (Arabic: زغرتا‎‎) is a district (qadaa) of the North Governorate, northern Lebanon. It's capital is the city of Zgharta.
The Zgoda labour camp (Polish pronunciation: [ˈzɡɔda]) was a concentration camp for Silesians, Germans, and Poles, set up in February 1945 by the Soviet NKVD in Zgoda district of Świętochłowice, Silesia.
Zgornje Gameljne (pronounced [ˈzɡoːɾnjɛ ˈɡaːməlnɛ]; German: Obergamling) is a settlement north of the capital Ljubljana in central Slovenia.
The ZG convoys were a series of Caribbean convoys which ran during the Battle of the Atlantic in World War II.
ZGF Architects LLP (ZGF), formerly Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership, is an American architectural firm with offices in Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Los Angeles, California; Washington D.C.; New York, New York; and, as ZGF Cotter Architects Inc., in Vancouver, Canada.
Zgornja Slivnica (pronounced [ˈzɡoːɾnja ˈsliːu̯nitsa]; in older sources also Gorenja Slivnica, German: Oberschleinitz or Ober Schleinitz) is a settlement in the Municipality of Grosuplje in central Slovenia.

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