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ZL may refer to:
Zlatan Ibrahimović (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈslaːtan ɪbraˈhiːmɔvɪtɕ], Bosnian: [zlǎtan ibraxǐːmoʋitɕ]; born 3 October 1981) is a Swedish professional footballer who plays as a forward for Manchester United.
Zlatko Dalić (born 26 October 1966) is a Croatian football coach who is currently managing Croatia national team.
Zlatko "Cico" Kranjčar (pronounced [zlâtko t͡sǐːt͡so krâɲt͡ʃaːr]; born 15 November 1956) is a Croatian football manager and former striker.
Zlín (Czech pronunciation: [zliːn]; German: Zlin) is a city in southeastern Moravia in the Czech Republic, the seat of the Zlín Region, on the Dřevnice River.
Zlatko Zahovič (Slovene pronunciation: [ˈzlaːtkɔ ˈzaːxɔʋitʃ] ( listen); born 1 February 1971) is a Slovenian retired footballer who played as an attacking midfielder.
Zlatko Manojlović (Serbian Cyrillic: Златко Манојловић) is a Serbian guitarist and singer. He is known as the leader of the progressive rock band Dah and the heavy metal band Gordi, as well as for his eclectic solo work.
The Zlin Z 42 is a single-engine two-seat Czechoslovakian trainer aircraft manufactured by Moravan Otrokovice.
Zlín Region (Czech: Zlínský kraj) is an administrative unit (Czech: kraj) of the Czech Republic, located in the central-eastern part of the historical region of Moravia.
Zlatko Topčić (born 30 April 1955) is a Bosnian author and screenwriter. He wrote the screenplays for the multiple award-winning feature films Remake and The Abandoned.

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